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Long-time human in tech. I build things for iOS, macOS, and the web, open data. In my spare time, I work on @[email protected] and other pet projects. he/him 🏳️‍🌈

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We never should have created IPv6. If we ran out of IP addresses, that’s ok, we’ve had enough internet, it’s full up

Girl With A Pearl Earring by Vermeer

It's the Girl With A Pearl Earring except a shark with a lip piercing.

On my learning path of all things #elixir, I started working on a #Phoenix app to help me practice and experiment with what I learn. Most recently, I discovered the joy of the bundled PubSub setup! 🤩

To put things in perspective for fellow #iOSDev folks, imagine a world where you can use async, streams, actors and NotificationCenter without ever knowing about run loops, @MainActor, Sendable or GCD 😍.

What I love most about the approach taken by Elixir is that the concepts of processes and message passing are very intuitive and easy to imagine and work with. Instead of multiple threads, it has multiple processes that communicate via messages and we (the developers) don't have to deal with coordination and synchronization.

Don't get me wrong, every tool has pros and cons and, of course, I love tools like async streams and distributed actors in #Swift, but getting most of the benefits of that with close no boilerplate or "gotchas" to think about is also a lot of fun.


Programming is like writing a little love story for a computer.

@pfefferle's plugin got bought by and the news is on the front page of TechCrunch.

It mentions that it supports , , , @pixelfed, and as well as @Mastodon which is great to have explicitly mentioned in a news article about the

screenshot of a techcrunch article about the activitypub wordpress plugin

@sutdan Fun coincidence, I recently saw one from the same artist named "Plaster Repair",
Preview of a painting named Plaster Repair by

A cat with various funny drawings held in front of its face.

I'm looking for work, contract or full time.

Interested/experienced in:
* Security, including cryptography implementation
* Performance issues/optimizations
* Adding the missing S to IoT

So, I ran my website through a ton of various SEO test tools. I've fixed a bunch of minor things, but nothing serious was missing.

It's funny how several of the tools are complaining that I am *not* embedding tracking technology into my website though. One tool even gave me the grade "F" on social media integration. I consider that F an actual A+ in terms of goal achieved! 😇

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This week, 14,000+ people signed on to stand with the as they battle for , library patrons, and all authors who aren’t the biggest bestsellers in history. Digital books need preservation too!

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Did you know that ; is the Greek question mark? (used instead of "?")

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Japan has had a long-standing fixation with sakura (cherry blossoms) — in fact cherry blossom records date back to 812! This gives us a data set spanning 1211 years.

This has proven to be a treasure trove for scientists because they have been able to use this data to track a heating planet. (Pictured)

As a result cherry tree blossoms in Japan have been included in the “instrument dashboard” tracking our heating world.

(Graph source:

Graph showing the correlation between cherry blossom start dates and increasing temperatures in Japan

It looks like the folks from have updated the LiveView course for Phoenix 1.7 🤩 #elixir #weekendfun

The woman who threw tomato juice over the TERF today is the first intersex and trans refugee recognised by the UN. Who gained refugee status in NZ in 2014, went on to become a scientist, and has her profile in Te Ara. The tomato juice represented the blood the community faces from rhetoric from people like the TERF.

An icon.

Hey you! You may be scrolling your feed, seeing the hatred spreading against queer people, women, and people of color, and asking yourself “what can I do besides expressing sympathy?”

Some material things, actually.
- become more educated on what’s happening around you.
- learn to discern the quality of news sources.
- stop giving your racist/sexist/homophobic friends and family members a pass. Make it so they know their behavior is unacceptable.
- if you can, donate to relief efforts to help save lives affected by hateful laws.

This is “allyship.”

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